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December 18, 1998 The staff of the MUP Housing and Communal Services "Vologdagorvodokanal" celebrated 100 years of the existence of their enterprise.

2000 Modernization of the Kubenskoye pumping station in order to regulate the volume of water supply.

2002-2005 Implementation of the project "Reconstruction of pumping stations and installation of flow meters".

Project objectives:

• Improve the efficiency of the most critical booster pumping stations in the city's water supply system.

• Provide metering of water supplied to 11 pumping stations.

• Create a system of automated control and dispatch control of the work of 11 out of 60 booster pumping stations.

• Modernization of pumping stations of the 2nd lift of WWS (Water supply treatment facilities).

The result is a reduction in the number of breakouts and leaks, and water savings by reducing their number.