GKU "Directorate for the provision of GZ LO"

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The main objectives of the Institution are: organizational, legal, personnel, financial and logistical support of measures to prepare for the protection and to protect the population, material and cultural values ​​on the territory of the Leningrad Region from the dangers arising from the conduct of hostilities or as a result of these actions, as well as in case of emergencies of natural and man-made character, search, rescue and other urgent work within the competence. Reconnaissance of the emergency zone, incl. radiation and chemical (the state of the object, territory, routes for the advancement of forces and means, determination of the boundaries of the emergency zone). Entering the forces and means of the rescue team into the emergency zone. Landing of rescuers and cargo in the emergency zone. First aid to the injured. Evacuation of victims and material assets from the emergency zone. Degasification and demercurization in the emergency zone. Elimination (localization) of emergencies in railway, road transport, rescue of passengers and aircraft crews in case of aviation accidents. Emergency underwater technical (diving) works, ship-lifting works and works on lifting sunken objects, equipment and property. Elimination of ice jams, localization and extinguishing of forest fires. The subject of the Institution's activities is to ensure the implementation of the powers of the Leningrad Region in the field of civil defense, protection of the population and territories of the Leningrad Region from natural and man-made emergencies, ensuring the safety of people at water bodies, organizing search, rescue and other urgent work within the competence.