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The oil company Surgutneftegaz united the oil and gas production enterprise Surgutneftegaz, the Kirishi oil refinery and a number of oil product supply enterprises in the North-West of Russia.

It was quite difficult in a short time to create a single technological complex from enterprises of different structures and technical level, located hundreds and thousands of kilometers from each other, which would not only ensure the volumes of production, processing, sales, but would work efficiently and profitably. Having overcome the difficulties of the organizational period, Surgutneftegaz has become a well-managed, well-managed and efficiently operating vertically integrated company.

Over the years of work in the new economic conditions, the capacities of all enterprises included in the company have significantly increased, their production base has been completely modernized, a factory for the production of detergents that has no analogues in Russia has been put into operation, a prospecting and exploration department has been created - one of the largest in Russia. a corporate research and design complex with powerful scientific potential was developed, its own gas processing complex was created, a program for the development of small-scale power generation based on the construction of gas turbine and gas piston power plants was implemented, a powerful oil and gas production complex was created in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), which made it possible to start commercial production oil in a new oil and gas province. PJSC "Surgutneftegas" has developed into a high-tech energy company.