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Today, St. Petersburgteploenergo serves 6 districts of St. Petersburg and 4 districts of the Republic of Karelia.

Boiler houses 000 Peterburgteploenergo are fully automated heat supply facilities of the latest generation, which operate without the constant presence of service personnel. The efficiency factor of boiler equipment is 92-93%. They provide for "weather-dependent regulation" of temperature, which makes it possible to provide the most comfortable temperature in apartments: in cold weather the boiler room gives out a higher temperature, and in warm weather - a lower one. This ensures not only comfortable living for citizens, but also the rational use of energy resources.

During the construction of thermal energy sources, Peterburgteploenergo LLC uses the best modern equipment of domestic and foreign manufacturers. Thermal networks of OOO Peterburgteploenergo are modern pipelines with thermal insulation applied in the factory, which significantly reduces heat losses in the networks. The service life of modern pipelines is at least 25 years.

The company uses a closed heat supply scheme, in which water in the pipeline is used only as a heat carrier and is not taken from the heating network to provide hot water supply. In this case, the system is completely closed from the environment and provides high quality hot water supply.

Thus, the heat supply systems of Peterburgteploenergo already today fully comply with Federal Law No. 190 "On Heat Supply", according to which, from January 1, 2022, the use of centralized open heat supply systems for the needs of hot water supply will be prohibited by withdrawing the coolant.

The technical solutions used by LLC Peterburgteploenergo fully comply with and even exceed the indicators and requirements laid down by the Federal Law ФЗ 261-ФЗ dated 23.11.2009. "On energy saving and on increasing energy efficiency ...."

The company independently maintains its own boiler houses and heating networks during the entire period of operation. The emergency dispatch service responds in time to all deviations in the operation of the automated system.

Reconstruction has a beneficial effect on the ecological situation: so only in the Petrogradskiy region, following the reconstruction, emissions of nitrogen oxide and nitrogen dioxide were reduced by 2.35 times, benzopyrene - 4.3 times, black carbon - 10 times, sulfur dioxide - 148 times, and inorganic dust - more than 6000 times, which also contributed to a decrease in the incidence among the population.