JSC "OmskVodokanal"

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JSC "OmskVodokanal" (part of the group of companies "ROSVODOKANAL") is engaged in

water supply and sewerage in Omsk since 2005 on the basis of an agreement

long-term lease concluded with the Administration of the city of Omsk for 25 years.

The source of water supply for Omsk is the Irtysh River. Thrown into the same river

water from the sewerage system after complete treatment at the treatment plant

sewerage. Mission of the enterprise: reliable provision of consumers with affordable

high quality water supply and sewerage services.

The history of Omsk Vodokanal is inextricably linked with the development of Omsk city

plumbing system. The centralized water supply of Omsk began in 1915,

with the commissioning of the city water supply system. By this time, the city was almost

200 years old. The structure of the City Water Supply System then included: water intake, two

pumping stations of the 1st and 2nd lift, sewage treatment plants, a water tower and 23

km of water supply networks with 10 water-folding booths. Water supply capacity

was 4 thousand cubic meters of water per day. The water supply network covered

only the central part of the city. Since 2007 JSC "OmskVodokanal" entered the group

companies "ROSVODOKANAL" and from that moment in its work relies on the leading

country of practice in the field of operation of water supply and sewerage facilities,

which allows you to strengthen and develop the entrusted city property. Since 2007, having entered

into the Rosvodokanal Group of Companies, the enterprise has reduced the accident rate on the networks

water supply from 645 to 226 accidents per year. Physical water losses have dropped over the years

more than 50%.

Today the city water supply and sewerage system of Omsk includes four

water intake with a total capacity of 1482.24 thousand rubles. m3 / day, two treatment facilities

water supply installations and two complexes of sewage treatment facilities.

The company serves 105 water pumping stations, 96 sewerage

pumping stations, as well as 1811.19 km of water supply networks and 1263.82 km

sewer networks.

Omsk Vodokanal supplies drinking water and provides sewerage services

population and enterprises of the city. Daily from the water treatment plant in

the city is represented by about 359 thousand m3 of drinking water, which fully satisfies

needs of a city with a population of over 1 million. Drinking water quality in

Omsk fully complies with the standards and is assessed by the relevant state

sanitary and epidemiological surveillance, as one of the best in Russia. Volume

of supplied tap water in 2017 amounted to 111,561.45 thousand rubles. m 3 per year, and in

2016 - 113 555 thousand rubles. m 3. The volume of wastewater treatment in 2017 amounted to 123 209

thousand roubles. m 3, in 2016 - 130302 thousand rubles. m 3