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The Peterburgaz Company was organized in St. Petersburg pursuant to the Cooperation Agreement between the Administration of St. Petersburg and PJSC Gazprom in 2004 dated December 25, 2003. The Company was registered on February 9, 2004. The Property Relations Committee of St. Petersburg and the Company have signed a lease agreement for a property production complex.

The participants of LLC "Peterburgaz": the Federal city of St. Petersburg represented by the Committee of Property Relations of St. Petersburg (KIO) - 51%, JSC "Gazprom Gas Distribution" - 49%. The main activity of the city gas distribution organization "Peterburgaz" is the integrated development of gas supply systems and uninterrupted, sustainable supply of natural gas to consumers of St. Petersburg.


carries out gas transportation to St. Petersburg consumers

and manages the city's gas supply system

provides security (city emergency gas service 04)

maintains, installs and repairs gas equipment

gasifies St. Petersburg and suburban areas


18,149 multi-family residential buildings

26 781 partial residential buildings

1 255 815 apartments

1,389 industrial enterprises

3,752 communal and household facilities

10,095,295 km of domestic gas pipelines

8,304.39 km of gas distribution networks