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Public Joint Stock Company "Moscow United Energy Company" provides centralized heating and hot water supply of the capital in the area of operation of the Mosenergo thermal power plant, its own heat supply sources, as well as other thermal generation facilities, with the exception of small local heat supply areas from isolated departmental and corporate heat sources. The company and its subsidiaries also operate in some cities of the near Moscow region.

The company's activities include transportation, distribution and sale of thermal energy, provision of activities and development of a centralized heat supply system, as well as generation of thermal energy.

PJSC "MOEK" is the operator of the longest thermal power system in the world: the company operates over 17,000 km of heating networks, including about 8,735 km of trunk and 8,462 km of distribution. The company also operates over 10.5 thousand heating points.

PJSC "MOEK" operates 141 energy sources with an installed thermal capacity of 5 thousand. Gcal/h.

The controlling shareholder and managing organization is Gazprom Energoholding LLC (a 100% subsidiary of Gazprom PJSC). The target model for the development of the Moscow district heating system is the consolidation of all generation facilities as part of PJSC Mosenergo (controlled and managed also by Gazprom Energoholding LLC), heating networks — in PJSC MOEK.

Currently, PJSC "MOEK" operates and maintains the following thermal power facilities:

— 141 sources of thermal energy generation, including 46 district and quarterly heating stations (RTS and KTS), 95 small boiler houses (MK, AIT, PC) with a total thermal capacity of 4996.014 Gcal/h;

— 17,197 km of heating networks (in single-pipe terms), including 8,735 km of main heating networks (including heat inputs) and 8,462 km of heat distribution networks;

— 10,672 heat points;

— 24 pumping stations.