Gazprom gas distribution Ulyanovsk

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Today, the main task of Gazprom Gas Distribution Ulyanovsk LLC is the transportation of natural gas to consumers of the city of Ulyanovsk and the region, ensuring reliable and trouble-free gas supply.

Gazprom Gas Distribution Ulyanovsk LLC is part of the Gazprom Mezhregiongaz LLC group of companies.

The Gazprom Gas Distribution Ulyanovsk enterprise solves the tasks of operating gas supply systems, participates in the development of gas consumption forecasts. Also carries out the design and construction of new gas pipelines, carries out work on the reconstruction of gas distribution networks, sells and installs household gas equipment to consumers with its mandatory warranty service, organizes explanatory work among the population on the problem of safe use of gas.

The structure of the Gazprom Gas Distribution Ulyanovsk organization includes 7 branches consisting of operational sites located on the territory of the region.

Gazprom Gas Distribution Ulyanovsk LLC is a single property and production complex with a total length of gas distribution networks of 13053.7 km with a volume of transported gas of 2.094 billion cubic meters. The number of gasified apartments is 397.7 thousand, 190 industrial and 5221 municipal enterprises use gas as fuel. There are 229 gas control (hydraulic fracturing) and 3174 cabinet points (SRP) in the gas farm of Gazprom Gas Distribution Ulyanovsk LLC.